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P.S. I Love You — Cecelia Ahern


After the loss of her husband, Holly just can’t seem to move on. Her life is a total mess—if she even has one. She kept patching up the fissures of her ruptured heart, adhering fragments together, regardless of reaping an unkempt whole. Without Gerry, her life is like a pen that had ran out of ink—a frivolous existence that is. Getting widowed at 30 isn’t really that easy.

Subsequent to Gerry’s death, Holly receives a box containing “The List.” It contains a series of letters that needed be open in a span of 10 months. For the duration of Gerry’s medication, he made these, assuming that it will encourage his wife to carry on life without him. And it did.

Considering Cecelia’s debut novel—P.S. I Love You is a commendable work coming from a then-21-year-old novelist. Interestingly, she came up with a gripping and newfangled plot that defies the quotidian chic-lit genre. Admittedly, it isn’t that earth-shattering, cataclysmic-bringing, mind-blowing of sorts (sorry, I’m exaggerating a tad here, haha), but if you’re going to purge it from its flaws, you’ll get a story that is heart-warming, tragic yet exciting, inspirational even. We witnessed how a woman had shrunk away from living, shunned reality, and confined herself within the walls of grieving; we witnessed how death cannot sever the ties of an unyielding affinity; and we also witnessed a welcoming family that will extricate you from suffering to euphoria. However, let me nitpick just a tiny bit. I was a bit frustrated at the anti-climactic denouement—Holly, just as she was ready to move on and find love—meeting the man whom she had met before—I didn’t really know how it ended up for her. Did they end up all right, had she met another man, or anything for that matter? I guess it just depends on the reader to throw in his/her imagination to fill up the big loophole to give a “real” ending to the story. Quite a mystery that is.

In summation, this is a gratifying story of love, life, loss, and moving on. It deserves the entire accolade it has earned.


Rating: ★★★★✰

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