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The Battle of the Labyrinth — Rick Riordan


Percy Jackson attends his freshman school orientation regardless of being certain that it would be no fun. Indubitably, the empousai were hosting the said orientation. Percy battles the demon cheerleaders, causing his school to be on fire and escapes with Rachel. At the camp, a new swordsmen teacher was presented, Quintus, and he owns a certain hellhound called Mrs. O’leary. During a game, Annabeth and Percy falls into a deep cavern which they would later find out is an entrance to the Labyrinth. Annabeth was offered a quest to go into the Labyrinth and find Daedalus, to get Ariadne’s string before Luke does.

Rick Riordan, without a doubt, is a connatural story-teller—apparently he doesn’t run out of stories to tell. At his penultimate sequel, he delves into the depths of the Labyrinth, decrypts its clandestine walls, and recreates hoary beasts of Grecian mythos. To make this review short, The Battle of the Labyrinth still did not disappoint—it was chock-full of suspense-fueled scenes, gratifying twists, conglomeration of the antiquated and the newfangled civilization, charming characters, chuckle-some dialogues, and topped off with a cliffhanger ending that will surely make readers eager to read the fifth and final clash between the gods and Titans.


Rating: ★★★★✰


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