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City of Bones — Cassandra Clare


I wouldn’t normally pick up this series if not for the upcoming movie. Curiosity whacked me in the head and directed me to at least give it a go. First book was all right but at this point, my modest fascination towards the series has dampened significantly—why oh why Ms. Clare?

The City of Ashes evidently steered clear from the swift stride of its superior predecessor. There weren’t any cloak and dagger scenes to at least pump up my suspended consciousness seriously badgering me the entire time—not until the final clash at the bitter end. Clary becoming less of a damsel in distress was fine—her significant rune-making skills were unconvincing for the most part. It gives me the impression of a mere fancy guesswork. Jace’s sudden transition from vanity to someone who had gone haywire nudges him a notch lower of being a badass. But hey, finding out that your father is bad news and your sweetheart (which is actually your sister) is off-limits; it takes some guts to fully recover. 😉

Alec and Magnus’ restricted love affair was (do I still have to mention it?) oh-so-gay. Oh no, I didn’t really see that one coming. I am completely aware of Alec being a closeted gay, but, to date a warlock existing for more than a hundred years? That doesn’t seem right at all.

One more problem I have here is that some characters weren’t still given enough depth. Isabelle for instance; her character remained lusterless more than ever. I hope Clare allows her to steal the limelight for once.

I couldn’t perceive why everybody’s afraid of the Inquisitor, since nothing scary actually radiates from her. Especially the evil adversary, Valentine, who doesn’t seem so evil after all. It seems like a joke actually, like, “everybody should be afraid of me because I said so.” Tss. :/

Clare’s idea of putting everything together in her book was an ingenious scheme for the most part. The problem of her fashioning every paranormal creature, forcibly dumped on every page, was that the very groundwork of every creature was obviously derivative from a myriad of famed sources. Agramon, for instance, was very reminiscent of J.K. Rowling’s boggart in the Harry Potter books. The brother-sister love affair wasn’t unusual too since the media has been divulging in such matters every now and then. But to be honest, it already created a serious damage in the romantic aspect of the story, as for me. No more charm and lighthearted feelings of romance, because I couldn’t imagine siblings in such affairs, though it’s quite hinted that they wouldn’t end up as siblings nevertheless.

The pace didn’t pick up until the near end and some scenes that weren’t relevant to the story should have been cut. The omniscient voice gave a better view of the characters and the entire story line nonetheless, since Clary’s POV was unreliable (again, as for me). I was bored the entire book and surprisingly even at the highest peak of the moment. Probably because I was so used of being bored that’s why I didn’t feel the thrill of the battle anymore. The bottomline? I didn’t really enjoy this one, the first was better, but I’m still going to pick up the remaining books in the series to see how it ends. More like a mandatory splurge. *sighs*


Rating: ★★✰✰✰

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