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PRPB Goes to Museo Pambata

May 25, 2013. Momentarily cut loose from all the commitments and obligations in school, workplace, and other eventful stuff that keeps everyone subjugated for the rest of the week—PRPB (Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books) society chucked all of their worries aside and traded them for a day of charity and FUN! (Yes, we were all on a sabbatical lol)

969781_10200830972487847_308182144_nEvent invite and program

If truth be told, I am truly unfit to blog about the said activity since I belatedly arrived at the venue. Imagine being stuck in a maddening traffic for hours, propelling you into a loony hiatus and frenzied anxiety. If only I could “accio” someone else’s broom just to be abruptly whisked away from that dang pandemonium, I would. But this is no Wizarding World. (Yup, Potter senses are tingling yet again hihi)

22PRPB group snapshot in the museum’s front steps

Regrets aside, I only missed the museum tour with the kids—which is really as exciting as it sounds—and fortunately turned up with time to spare for the real event. Nevertheless, I’ll simply indulge myself with pictures for the time being. Haha.

4A marketplace replica inside the museum


A miniature jeepney and the kids’ happy faces

944169_10151394886845776_1323634372_nA girl indulging herself with a book


A column of amazing canvases adorning the museum’s wall


Vibrant cartoon strips inside the museum

A scurrying throng of animated kids infiltrated the room in a jiffy, deafening the once muted space. You can feel the liveliness and excitement of the kids, enough to make one feel lively and excited all the same.


The superbly keyed up kids

Following some forewords and acknowledgements, Maria Ella commenced the storytelling session with Ang Hukuman ni Sinukuan by Virgilio S. Almario. It’s funny how some kids’ attention were diverted to their candies and treats, some in chitchat, amidst a good number who were fully engrossed in the story, actively participating in the storyteller’s grills and childlike tomfooleries. PRPB members then engaged the kids with some games so as not to bore them but keep them entertained, as well.

970452_10151483171034200_1446698186_n“Ang Hukuman ni Sinukuan” told by Maria Ella


My favorite snapshot so far. I just LOVE the little guy’s smile; somewhat it makes me happy inside 🙂

Shortly, the children were once again plunged into a different story, Brightest, told by the author herself, Ms. Joanne Crisner. This one’s indeed a very beautiful story. Albeit the particular target of the book, which is those under the children’s umbrella, adults alike will find it remarkably moving. I recommend it to everyone.


“Brightest” told by the author herself, Ms. Joanne Crisner

For sure, the day wouldn’t be complete without… ehem… food! Subsequent to the storytelling session with the kids, a banquet of food awaited their starving bellies, courtesy of Jollibee. Why Jollibee, you might say. Yup, kids will prefer Jollibee over anything. They’re like bestfriends with the bee. Haha.


The kids and their Jollibee treats


She’s enjoying her spaghetti. Yum.

We did eat the lot, too. We spent chatting with each whilst chomping through our food. And yes, taking pictures could not be subdued.

Children were then bequeathed with individual bags, complete with school supplies inside—no more reason for them to put off school this coming school year. I hope the children use their stuff fittingly and seriously pour over their studies.


School supplies for the children

On the other hand, we also donated books for the Museo Pambata. All in all, we probably produced more or less 200—300 even? I’m not really sure. One member hopes that some well-off and kindhearted man donates an ample sum to refurbish the museum in the future, since some rooms are poorly furnished and some museum stuff are either conked out or damaged. Or the government—they should likewise allocate enough budget to maintain the beauty of our museums and preserve our history instead of devoting themselves into erecting exclusive infrastructures that neither brands our country nor are indigent-friendly. I have yet to set my eyes on these to confirm the said claims since I wasn’t able to tour with the group.



Some book titles donated to the Museo Pambata

Then comes the fun part—the final hour was allotted to our group. Biena, our daybook in the flesh, has gone all the way not only to organizing our event, but providing certificates to every PRPB attendee, as well. Each one was handed the so-called “diplomas”, provided with a jokey background for everyone to laugh at. Funnily enough, since we were all donned in orange, the organizers (who clamored for this color) were determined to put up a “Best in Orange Attire” contest, both for male and female, just for fun. Unmindful of the aforementioned contest, most of us were rather comically surprised. Jhive won the male category, what with his shirt’s bright orange hue, nationalistic theme, and all. DC won the female category, feigning an exaggerated act of astonishment.


“Katibayan ng Pagpapahalaga ay iginagawad kay…”

Finally, group pictures wrapped up the afternoon.


The Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books

Actually, there was an after-party following the activity but I wasn’t able to go since I hurriedly flee without even saying goodbye. Haha. They went to a videoke hub or something and sang their hearts out. I’m curious as to who’s in tune and not. lol


“Crooning simply because we’re awesome”—destroying each other’s eardrums in the process haha

So there, another fun and successful PRPB date and outreach activity! I believe the next one’s going to be in Laguna on July. I am super excited already! PRPB rocks! 🙂

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Disclaimer: I do not own the photos in this blog post (except for the lone pathetically photographed certificate haha). Photos courtesy of Reev Robledo, Phoebe Andamo, Maria Ella Bestos, and Ben Pones.


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